To increase productivity and development of services and Information Technology systems, supported by quality and service in a structured and professional


Prioritizing the right solution in providing information technology products and providing the best choice of services.


We provide the best services from best practices that we have done for years.



We present a technology solution for health telemedicine and teleradiology.


Medical Device

Kami memberikan produk kesehatan yang solutif untuk kebutuhan pelayanan kesehatan di Indonesia.


We have a strong philosophy and mission. Employees must face their work with enthusiasm and with aspirations as shown below.

Web & Android Based Apps

Already more than 100 applications and more than 100,000 users who have used our application

National Scale Apps

We have built more than 10 National Scale applications for both government and private, in the scope of NATIONAL users.

Integrated Apps

Our various platforms are integrated to meet the needs and the best results for customers.

Board of Commisioner and Director

Brigjend (Purn) Dr. dr. Supriyantoro SpP, MARS


Rezama Ryando, S.Kom, MM.

Chief Executive Officer

Andrey Prayoga

Chief Technology Officer

Meet our ZUPER Team

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