Information and Communication Technology has an important role in the development of an enterprise or government. To follow the development of the digital world is so fast and dynamic, required creativity and individual skills so as not to fall behind. Departure from these requirements, PT Mitra Solusindo Zamasco want to play in order to provide the best solution in order to support the company’s strategy in the future.

PT Mitra Solusindo Zamasco collaboration with various business partners who are experienced and reliable in the field. Together with business partners who are actively involved in supporting the development of Information and Communication Technology industry, PT Mitra Solusindo Zamasco provide solutions that are divided into two categories, products and services. Business solutions implemented by PT Mitra Solusindo Zamasco support and development of the company’s credibility in the present and in the future.


Being the best in providing IT solutions that support the business processes of an enterprise and become the company's most in demand by consumers who can provide a good product innovation and satisfying service.


Consistently at the forefront of Information Technology , Communications and provide services and the right product to the consumer so as to improve and support the business processes of consumers.

Meet Our Team

The people who make everything happen

Dr. dr. Supriyantoro SpP, FCCP, MARS Commissioner

Rezama Ryando, S.Kom, MM. Managing Director

Andrey Prayoga Director Information Technology